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System requirements

- Perl 5.8 or later
- Python 2.7 or later
- C++ compiler supporting the C++11 standard

 For other platform specific requirements,
 please see section "Setting up your machine" on:


Opensource users:

    <license>        = -opensource

Commercial users:

    <license>        = -commercial

Linux, Mac:

 cd <path>/<source_package>
 ./configure -prefix $PWD/qtbase <license> -nomake tests
 make -j 4


 Open a command prompt.
 Ensure that the following tools can be found in the path:
 * Supported compiler (Visual Studio 2012 or later,
    MinGW-builds gcc 4.9 or later)
 * Perl version 5.12 or later   []
 * Python version 2.7 or later  []
 * Ruby version 1.9.3 or later  []

 cd <path>\<source_package>
 configure -prefix %CD%\qtbase <license> -nomake tests
 nmake // jom // mingw32-make

 To accelerate the bootstrap of qmake with MSVC, it may be useful to pass
 "-make-tool jom" on the configure command line. If you do not use jom,
 adding "/MP" to the CL environment variable is a good idea.

More details follow.


A typical `configure; make’ build process is used.

Some relevant configure options (see configure -help):

-release Compile and link Qt with debugging turned off.
-debug Compile and link Qt with debugging turned on.
-nomake tests Disable building of tests to speed up compilation
-nomake examples Disable building of examples to speed up compilation
-confirm-license Automatically acknowledge the LGPL 2.1 license.

Example for a release build:
(adjust the `-jN’ parameter as appropriate for your system)

./configure -prefix $PWD/qtbase
make -j4

Example for a developer build:
(enables more autotests, builds debug version of libraries, …)

./configure -developer-build
make -j4

See output of `./configure -help’ for documentation on various options to

The above examples will build whatever Qt5 modules have been enabled by
default in the build system.

It is possible to build selected modules with their dependencies by doing
a `make module-’. For example, to build only qtdeclarative,
and the modules it depends on:

./configure -prefix $PWD/qtbase
make -j4 module-qtdeclarative

This can save a lot of time if you are only interested in a subset of Qt5.


The submodule repository qtrepotools contains useful scripts for
developers and release engineers. Consider adding qtrepotools/bin
to your PATH environment variable to access them.

The qt5_tool in qtrepotools has some more features which may be of interest.
Try `qt5_tool --help’.

Building Qt5 from git

See and README.git
for more information.
See for the reference platforms.


After configuring and compiling Qt, building the documentation is possible by running
“make docs”.

After having built the documentation, you need to install it with the following

make install_docs

The documentation is installed in the path set to $QT_INSTALL_DOCS.
Running “qmake -query” will list the value of QT_INSTALL_DOCS.

Information about Qt 5’s documentation is located in qtbase/doc/README
or in the following page:

Note: Building the documentation is only tested on desktop platforms.

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